Observations, Speculations, Wild imaginings and Unfinished thoughts

On this page I place a number of items related, perhaps distantly, to the topic of sustainable economics, hoping that I might have some feedback.  Take this as an invitation to contact me.  Email:  [email protected]

130228 NTF on Causality - In this document I muse about the nature of our belief in determinism and causality, the probable source of this belief, the probability that this concept is poorly understood and badly applied, the logical limitations of both proximate and distal causality for understanding the world, and the potential for a better understanding of the world coming out of an improved understanding of causality.

Social Binary Decision Factories (SBDFs) - In this document I opine about the nature of social institutions of which the mandate is to make a binary decision.  E.g. Yes or no; or guilty or not guilty.  I have been perturbed by the number of scandals that have hit the news over my years, scandals that demonstrated how little we understand about the logical functioning of such institutions.  In thinking through the implications, and trying to understand the reasons why such scandals arise, I tagged the type of institution as an SBDF.  In such institutions, our society has embodied our belief in the value of the 'law of the excluded middle' as discused in the 'NTF on Causality' above.  By doing so we have exposed our institutions to episodes of regular public scorn, as these institutions try to find that missing middle.  When people expect just decisions from a social institution of some kind, and those expectations are thwarted, the institution loses legitimacy.  

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