RE VIRUSES AND MALWARE:  While I make every effort to ensure that my computers are free of viruses or other malware I can, of course, make no guarantee that this is the case.  There is a responsibility on every user to verify that any download of software from this site (or any other site, for that matter) is virus-free and safe to use.

COMPLETENESS:  All versions of my software are incomplete in some fashion.  They are works in progress.  This does not mean they don't work.  I believe that I have removed most, or possibly all important, bugs from the computational engines at the heart of the applications, over several years of use by me (and my students, when they were involved).  But I cannot guarantee that all bugs, important or not, have been found and removed.  It does mean there are technical functions and features used for debug purposes that are still open for use, there are obsolete features not yet removed, and there are "hooks" for yet-to-be-added data collection and display features, etc.

USER DOCUMENTATION:  I do this as a hobby, though I try to be as professional as I can.  Help is available in a variety of forms, but not consistently so.  Sometimes I move on to another project before the last is completed.  User documentation and help may be available in any of these forms:

 - Integrated help files as were used in Windows XP and previous versions is available for PSoup, Orrery, SSS Curves.  However, they are not easy to install on all platforms.  For example, Microsoft no longer supports integrated help files as implemented for Windows XP and prior operating systems.   For Vista and subsequent versions of Windows they require all help to be browser-based.  I have not followed their lead as I do not want to be tied to "the cloud".  

 - I tend to make all panels and screens self-explanatory, if I can.

 - There may be design documentation available, as described below.

 - There are often diary notes that I write that describe how I do analysis for some applications.

DESIGN DOCUMENTATION:  Keeping in mind that this is my hobby, the design documentation is usually fragmentary.  I tend to write design until I know what I want to do, then abandon the design work and dive into coding.  The availability is different for each app.

Last updated: September 2014.